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Solid Is Not a Metaphor

Solid is not a metaphor
It refers to nothing else
But  itself,
As solid as is this Earth,
And all upon it.
Even water and the air
All liquids, all gases
Can be frozen into a solid state.

To speak of a person as being solid
Is not a metaphor.
It is to say that that
Person comes across to us as such,
Is dependable, is real.
Is to say that that person is centred
Just as is the earth.

Such a person says what they
Mean and mean what they say.
They stand upon the solid ground
And can look you in the eye
And see you for what you are.

At their core spiritual
Just like the molten core of Earth.
To such people you cannot
Dissemble, you cannot lie.
For they will know
And you will know
That they are not taken in
By your abject foolishness.

Seek, those of you who float,
Spending your live uncertain,
To be like them.
For each of them
Serves to show
This is how you can be.

Malcolm D B Munro
20 February, 2016

Filed under: poetry

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