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No Escape

We once had space in which to roam
Our food was all around us
In the savannas, the bushes, the jungles and the plains
The seas, rivers and the lakes
But we grew plentiful and there was less plenty.

So we sowed crops and tamed animals
To husband us and to be our beast of burden
We farmed and watered, grew towns
Had kings and leaders amongst us.

Who trained armies, taught us to be brave
Disciplined us. As armies we grew arms
Those we killed and those we enslaved
We built cities and walls to keep out others
Who coveted what we had built.

Invented writing, kept it a sacred skill
And counted so that kings could tax us
And live at their ease
So that we became their beasts of burden
It is us who became their slaves.

We sought metals, the precious of the earth
So that we could manufacture wealth
Exchanged goods for those we did not have
Took from those that would not give
Imprisoned those who stole and exiled those who would not obey.

We conquered and built empires
Subjugated and annihilated nations
Grew slothful and redolent
In our life of ease
Made others our slaves.

Relentless, this has never ended
We built ships to sail upon the seas
We discovered lands that had always been there
But that we had forgotten
And held others, who did not have what we have,
To be ignorant, forgetting that so once were we.

Now plentiful threatens to engulf us
Our seas rise, our land perishes
We have no natural enemies
And we multiply and multiply and multiply
We have conquered all disease
And, yet, still we are restless.

We seek to leave the planet
To wreak on other worlds
The disaster that we have become
Religion tried to teach us not to sin
So our Gods we have overthrown.

We have become secular
And fear nothing but ourselves
Fear to live with o
ur psychopathologies
From which there is no escape
These too multiply by the day
And so we are bound now by our morbidity.

We have build robot
We of them are now slaves
They are all around us and self-multiply
Our new leaders, our new workers
Redundant, we have made ourselves obsolete.

Malcolm D B Munro
Wednesday 9 November, 2015

Filed under: poetry

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