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I Can See You Now

I can see you now
We’re busy you see
So many people to attend
To. So many troubled souls.

We try to help where we
Can but we are overwhelmed
And our time is limited
So tell me quickly why you’re
Here. What can we do for you?

I see …

That will take some time
Based on what I have just heard
I would recommend starting a
Six week course with us and
See how it goes from there.

You should start to see some
Benefits towards the end
We don’t use medication
Although we are a psychiatric
Unit. Don’t believe they are

We’ll expect you to do some
Work on your own. Should
Take 3 or 4 hours per week.
You must do the work or you
disqualify yourself. We
Will need that in order
To add meaning to the
Sessions which should
Last about 3/4 of an hour.

Let me outline to you what
You can expect …

If, after three weeks
You feel you are not getting
Benefit from our treatment
You may discontinue
But not before.
What was that? Say it
Again, please …

I see. That is very helpful to
Know. That’s all for now.
I’ll see you this time next
Week. Please call 24 hours in
Advance if you wish to cancel
An appointment. We do not
Reschedule. See you next week
In the meantime, here is some
Work I want you to do.
Good bye.

Malcolm D B Munro
Tuesday 26 April, 2016

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I Can Be a Father Again

I can be a father again
After all these yearsA bruised and battered
Child within healed

Thrown out of that
Marriage which fathered
Its offspring only
In the biological sense
Withdrawn, not

Years in the wilderness
Wandering, like a cur
Without a home
A home with love
And caring shown
To all within
By me.

Now the time has come
The child carried battered
Bruised recovered
Able to show to the outside
World that caring so absent
Before. Now I can be a father

Malcolm D B Munro
Tuesday 26 April, 2016

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Hunt the Thimble

My favourite activity in the morning
Still bleary and mind fuzzy from sleep
Hunt the thimble!
As I search high and low
For my computer bag
Without which I cannot

My poetry notes are in there
End of the world
Panic sets in
Look and look and look
Begin to calm down
And to think more

An alternative plan emerges
I have a back up computer
This will serve to get
Going. But my note books
Are in the computer bag
And I can’t even use the backup
Computer without them.

The spouse is still sleeping
All the lights go on. Round
All the usual places that the bag
Is put. The bag has a red piping
Round its edges. It leaps out at
You. Round and round though
No sign in any of the usual places.

Out to the car. Inside? No.
On the roof? No. Begin to calm
Down. The dogs are wondering
What the hell is going on.
OK, do all the things you would
Normally do. Cup of coffee to
Take in the car. Trash bag
Outside. It’s trash day. Check
All the pockets. Everything present
And correct.

Upstairs to finish. Teeth. Medication.
Ready to leave. Resigned to not finding
The thing. Write note to spouse
Telling her of my plight.
Go down stairs, note in hand
Ah, there is on the dining table
Chair. Fold note up, throwaway
Bag on shoulder. Don’t put it down
Until you get into the car.

In the driver’s seat. Press that F1
Engine start. Swig of coffee
Trash out already. Out the garage
Calm sets in and relief
When you are panicking
You never see a damn thing
Rendered imbecilic.

Malcolm D B Munro
Tuesday 26 April, 2016




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