Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

A new reality

We make our own reality
As humans we can do this
Our chosen reality serves
Us well or does not.

Our chosen reality may cause
Us heartache, a life of
Disappointment. May provide for
Us poor relationships
May provide for us a life which
Does not give us fulfillment
Does not allow us to grow
Does not provide for us a
Life of enhancement.

If this is true for us, we
Can choose to remake

We will find this painful
In recognizing that the
Way we led our lives
Was wrong
That this way of living hurt us
And hurt others.

Those who
Loved us and walked away
In despair at our own self
Destructiveness, at our unwillingness
To recognize what it is that we
Do to cause this hurt to others and

There are others who love us
Unconditionally, who live
In hope, knowing that one day
We will find, through our own
Painful efforts, that side of us
That they and we ourselves
Can love.

The old reality allowed us
More or less, to function
To survive.

But this is far from enough
To provide a life of enhancement
A life where we can care for
Ourselves and others.

But in self examination
Dear readers, to whom this
Is addressed, we come,
Through our own efforts, to
This self recognition
That we must accept
Full and complete
Responsibility for

This journey is painful
So much so that few
Will wish to undertake
It. But those who do
Will find for themselves
A new life.

The possibilities for us
Will open up our lives
And we, as a result, will
Lead lives of infinite reward.

In doing so, dear reader
We will find a new reality
For the old one did not

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 30 April, 2016




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