Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

Integrity when writing

Respectful of others when creating the written word
Will not betray their confidences, sovereignty
Their privacy invade, their consent need not be sought.

When writing of those whom I have known
Of those whom I love and like, in present and past
Their names here will be pseudonymic.

After all, when one adopts the voice
Of an author, unless otherwise stated
A fictional stance is assumed.

For the fictional writer, the poet
Can draw on experience direct
Unbeknownst to the reader unless this is said.

The world thus created, from the real
And the imaginary, builds for the reader
A place full, larger, more penetrating than the real.

This writer will not use real names
In violation of what to him was said
Later to be reported verbatim and named.

Writing from life is time honoured.
Verisimilitude sought. The characters do not
Need real names from your life.


The usual disclaimers sound disingenuous
characters depicted bear no relation to real persons, etc.
Compared to a pledge such as this
In fiction, poetry, credibility is all.

Malcolm D B Munro
Wednesday 4 May, 2016


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The observer acute

The observer, acute, watching, not missing much
Things not said, not spoken, the unwitting remark
The hesitations, the slight inflections
Eyes that look away, the frown, those tilts of the head
Volley of words, the embarrassed smile
The imperceptible shifts, alert, not saying much
Silent in chatter, the unintended remarks, of boasts mournful
The listener who listens; who, when speaking, speaks softly, direct
Understanding she too is frail, an acceptance of others

The enigmatic smile, wrongly read
Storing away, stored in the head
For a life well led.

Malcolm D B Munro
Wednesday 4 May, 2016

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The drones of the Queen

The slime in the icebox
the rat in the sewer
the wigger in the nood pile
the nine saved by a stitch.

The pot at the end of the Rainbow
the death of the Yellow Brick Road
the dreams smoked from the pipe
the linguist’s heaven, Babylon.

The miracles performed by the Styx
the disobeyal of Icarus
the void on the Cross
the decapitation of Grendal.

In Eden, the Snake
the Elixir of the Immortals
the Sirenes’ rock
the fate of Troy.

The flight of Apollo
the submarined Titanic
the maggots of Beelzebub
Lidenbrock’s journey to the centre of the Earth.

Shackleton’s race
Hillary’s summit
Newton’s apple
Pythagoras’ hypotenuse.

The horn on the Unicorn
the five legs of the dog
the fire of the dragon
of man-horse the Centaur.

The Pendulum’s pit
the murders on the Moor
the old age of the Starlet
the longbows at Agincourt.

The wisdom of age
the folly of youth
crisis midlife
the endless pursuit.

Malcolm D B Munro
Wednesday 4 April, 2016

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