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To Machinery in Gratitude

Readers of this, Poetry Blog, will know that
This writer is appreciative of all who visit, read
His, ahem, humble work.

He seeks to extend the boundaries of what
Is written by way of poetry and introduce
Subjects that are not normally found in this
Form. The endless sashaying to nature.
Frankly you can only read so many of
These poems without at some point,
Sated, gag. I don’t care if some of thes

Fellows of mine, whom I may never
Match in terms of excellence and recognition,
Who are acclaimed as major figures in the
Art, who even are Nobel prizewinners;
Who cares, if all they write are endless
Diatribes to Nature.

Now, don’t mistake me, I love nature
As much as any man, or woman, which
I can’t be, and don’t  mind. I venerate
it, treasure it, long for us to treat it
Sacred. But for Heaven’s sake there is much
More than that to human life. So much more.

Why should it not be that,this, be of what I write.

I do not write poetry for poets. Though I am happy to
Be read by them.We live in an
Egalitarian age. I am beholden to nobody. I look
To no sponsor. No court poet seeking to please
The tastes of a king or the gentrified. You
Can pass me your pennies, I won’t turn them

Why the hell should readers be expected to
Perform hoops in deathly exacting analyses
To understand what the heck is being said.
A doctorate is not a prerequisite to understanding,
Appreciating art.

Educating your audience; now that is different
And why not?

But to put grandstanding aside, I wish to mark
And acknowledge the frequent, continual visits
Of  The Machinery Magazine to these alienated shores.

Maybe it is discernment. That they, like my other
Readers, have found something worthwhile
In my work. I do strive for this.

To write gives me pleasure. To have readers
Ah, that is bliss indeed.

I roll in your hay.

I make special comment on this magazine
For one, I like their content and presentation,
They, who run it, are to be lauded for their

Lastly, I do not seek preference, nor to
Be obsequious, but they are the first
To have approached to ask me to submit
I am happy to have been so approached
And grateful to be able to respond.

I cannot pretend that I would not like
To be included within their covers. Ah,
That would be good.

Still, acknowledging that they come as they
Do. They surely have some kind of ability
To see something worthwhile here.

That after all is what I work for. To make
Poems that readers find worthy of their time

If I manage that then that is a reward in
itself. This I proudly say,

This is Poetry for People.

Malcolm D B Munro
Sunday 5 June, 2016

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