Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.



Pitch here is not to refer to the motion of a ship
Where roll and yaw also play a part, but to the
Pitch used to caulk the planking of the hull
Whether of clinker or carvel construction.

The pitch is used to provide waterproofing
Which deteriorates over time causing the
Ship to leak progressively as the caulking
Ceases to provide sufficient barrier against
The ingress of water. The deterioration
Occurs partly through wear as the ship
Glides though the salty sea but also
Because of the stress on the planking.

A point is reached where the bilge pump
Will not provide sufficient carriage of the
Water from the bilge overboard to keep
The interior of the ship both dry and to

Stop it from sinking. The caulking will
Have to be replaced as part of the ship
Repair. In addition, barnacles will
Accumulate on the exterior of the hull

With a resultant loss of efficiency. So
It is with people as they get older.
This same  process occurs and the
Person ceases to be and perform

As they once did. The pleasures once
Known are lost and life ceases to
Offer the rewards it once did. Just
As with a ship, work is required to

Effect the repairs what will restore
The pleasures of old. Few of us,
However, are willing to put in this
Work since, for a human, the process

Is painful and we settle for less.
The joy of earlier life has been
Lost and life is no longer as
Much fun as it was.

And so we sail on through
Unable to weather the storms
We once did and therefore
Hug the lee of the shore

To end up sooner or later
As hulks in an estuary
Eventually to end in the breakers
Yard from which we join the
Other dismantled ships in the sky

Or we sank without trace or

Malcolm D  B Munro
Monday 27 June, 2016

Filed under: poetry

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