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Today we are going to talk about Bitcoin


Today we are going to talk about Bitcoin
You don’t know what they are?
Well, you soon enough will.

I don’t know about you but I don’t
Carry cash anymore. You used to have
To pay road tolls and parking by cash

And all that. But not any more. They are
All electronic.  I use a debit card but now
They have a chip in them. Actually, it is

Like the SIM chip in your cell phone. Pretty
Soon we’ll be using that instead.

You are going to be relieved because I am
Not going to explain what bitcoin is any
More than I need to explain pounds, dollars

Euros and yen. Except that bitcoin don’t have
A nationality nor are they controlled by
Banks. Any bank, or government for that matter.

No, we’re talking about bitcoin because
You and me are going to be using them soon,
Very soon.

How do I know? Well, that’s how the world
Works now. You and I will access bitcoin
Using our cell phones and we won’t have a bank.

There are questions I can’t answer so don’t
Ask them. But here’s how I know. There are
7 bn cell phones in the world and there are

4.5 bn bank accounts. That you don’t need
To be Einstein to see the logic. That, and the
Fact that technological takeup is now so fast.

So, yes, we have talked about bitcoin. Painless
Wasn’t it? They explanation as to what they are
And how they work is difficult.

Don’t even think about the math involved
With the encryption. You don’t need to know
All that. All you need to know is that you

Will be using them and using them soon. After
All, we all know how to spend money, right?
And if you can spend bitcoin does anything else
About them matter?

Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 27 June, 2016




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