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Trump’s trade threats have CEOs running scared

Trump’s trade threats have CEOs running scared

Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 16 January, 2017


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The economy under Trump: Plan for the worst

The economy under Trump: Plan for the worst

What Trump has the ability, and shows that he will, damage the economy, and not just that of the US. He is making enemies fast.

He so far has attacked Carrier (1), Boeing (2), Lockheed (3), Ford (4), Toyota (5), BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes (6), most of whom suffered immediate drops in their share price.

Should he put the wall up between Mexico and the US that alone will affect the economy since the US is so reliant on Hispanic labour. And remittances back to their home countries.

And all this before he has taken office.

He has upset blacks, women, Muslims, foreign leaders, and most damaging for him, the intelligence community in the US. He has attacked NATO, China and is cosying up to Russia whose policies hardly align with those of the US. He has at present count 26 people who refuse to attend his inauguration alongside all those performers who refuse to perform for him. A leader within the US intelligence told him to keep his mouth shut. He hasn’t, he won’t.

Just because a number of disgruntled people voted for him does not make him legitimate as a prospective leader. After all, a number of people voted for Britain to leave Europe. That does not make that course of action right or profitable.

How long will it be before people wake up to just what a danger he poses and how destructive he will be? But just because people’s pockets are hurt does not remove presidents. Politics does.

Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 16 January, 2017

(1)  Trump unleashes tweet on Carrier union boss who blasted him. Trump attacks Carrier union boss

(2)  Trump slams Boeing deal for new Air Force One  Company Trump attacked announces it will lay off workers

(3)   Trump’s tweet about Lockheed-Martin cuts $4bn in value as share prices fall

(4)   Trump Attacks Ford Motor for Outsourcing Car Production to Mexico  What President Trump Means for American Automakers

(5)  Trump hits Toyota in latest broadside against carmakers and Mexico  Toyota Stock Dip After Trump Tweet on Planned Mexico Plant

(6)  Trump comments hit shares in German carmakers



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