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Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

Rock’ N’ Blues Mix Part 3 – Dimitris Lesini Greece

Rock’ N’ Blues Mix Part 3 – Dimitris Lesini Greece

Mark Selby – Nine Pound Hammer
Jay Lang & The Devil’s Due – Mississippi Bound
Delta Moon – Hell Bound Train
Delta Moon – Lap Dog
Robbert Fossen & Bobby’s Teardrops – Gotta Love Somebody
Michael Monster Carter – God Loves the Blues
Michael Dotson – Yondaway
Michael Dotson – Travelin’ Blues
Michael Dotson – Lucinda Mae (Dance Version)
Jimmy Nalls – Good Luck, Money & Gasoline
Rockin’ Johnny Band – Rollin’ & Tumblin’
Thunderbird Kingsley – Rollin’ and Tumblin’
Thunderbird Kingsley – Plastic Roses
Shawn Pittman – Just A Game
Shawn Pittman – Movin’
Shawn Pittman – She’s Evil
Wolf Mail – Honey Hush
David Rotundo – I Want To Get Lucky
Magic Slim – House Cat Blues.mp3
Micky Moody – A Taste For Bourbon
Mick Clarke – Helping Hand
Matt Walker – Hangin’ Over Bad News
Matt O’Ree & The Blues Hounds – That’s All Right
Matt O’Ree & the Blues Hounds – Better Way
Matt Leddy – Parchman Farm
Matt Guitar Murphy – Boogie Overture
Matchbox Bluesband – Past Life
Marty Grebb – Sweet Girl
Mark Nomad – Heirs To The Throne
David Raitt & Jimmy Thackery – How Many More Years
Mark Easton Limousine – Make Up Your Mind

Malcolm D B Munro
Sunday 12 February, 2017


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