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Rock’ N’ Blues Mix Part 8 – Dimitris Lesini Greece

Rock’ N’ Blues Mix Part 8 – Dimitris Lesini Greece

David Rotundo Band – Talk To Me
David Rotundo Band – Vampire Women
Dennis Glen Avila – Too Drunk To Drive
Dennis Glen Avila – Why I Play The Blues
Big Belly’s Bluesband – Stop Messin’ Around
Blues Experience – The Way It Goes
Bob Lanza Blues Band – Standing By The Window
Bob Lanza Blues Band – Too Many Drivers
Bob Margolin – Up & In
Bugs Henderson – Ventures Medley
Buzz ‘n The Blues Band – What’s Wrong With Me
Dan Beaver – Shake Your Hips (feat. Mimi De St. Jean)
Fred & The Healers – The King Of The Highway
Mark Hummel – Tryin’ To Make A Living
Mark Hummel – T’ain’t What You Say
Mark Kerr – The Thrill Is Gone
Mary Bridget Davies Group – Won’t Pay You Mind
Matt Guitar Murphy – Ungrateful Woman
Mick Clarke – Talk
Mick Clarke – Who’s Educating Who?
Rocky Hill – Take A Message To Garci

Malcolm D B Munro
Sunday 12 February, 2017


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