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if truth be told

if-truth-be-toldif truth be told
Available from Saatchi Art

Since the turn of the twentieth century there as been an abiding interest in the subconscious. This interest has been reflected in many areas of modern life, including psychology, literature, language, music and the visual medium. As the demands made on us have produced higher and higher stress levels, an interest has grown in other cultures and their attempts to produce within a tranquility with which to still the mind. American artists have been foremost in the exploration of these states, foremost among them Mark Rothko. Since the present artist lives in Houston, Texas, he has access, through the Rothko chapel, to living proof of Rothko’s attempts to explore his own inner landscape. This work attempts to follow in that tradition yet producing a distinct depiction of its own.

Keywords: peaceful, restful, tranquility, abstract expressionism, fine art, colour field, contemplative, post modern, holistic, stream of consciousness, modern

Malcolm D B Munro
Thursday 23 February, 2017


Filed under: Arts, Media, poetry, songs, stories

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