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in motion still


in motion still
Available at Saatchi Art

The work is a confluence of the many stimuli of modern life, in particular the nighttime urban landscape. In the centre of any international city we are assailed by a myriad of images which blend into a received whole yet are not distinct in themselves. These comprise: the neon signs flashing, the lights on theatre and cinema marquees, shop signs and lit windows, the blur of passing transportation, all of them competing for our attention, each attempting to beguile us with their individual wares. The painting seeks to capture the overall effect on us through the multiplicity images captured by the inner eye as we try to make sense of the individual images through giving them a coherency of multicolour forms caught in a composite of motions.

Keywords: fine art, painting, Digital, abstract expressionist, urban landscape, High Impact, dynamic, city images, modern, night

Malcolm D B Munro
Thursday 23 February, 2017


Filed under: Arts, Media, poetry, songs, stories

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