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Paul Kantner – Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra

Paul Kantner – Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra

00:00 The Planet Earth Rock And Roll Orchestra 4:07
04:07 (She Is A) Telepath 2:44
06:51 Circle Of Fire 3:52
10:43 Mount Shasta 2:40
13:23 Lilith’s Song 6:42
20:05 Transubstantiation 2:31
– Part I : Esperanto
– Part II: Science Friction
22:36 The Mountain Song 4:33
27:09 Declaration Of Independence 2:06
29:15 Underground (The Laboratories) 2:07
31:22 The Sky Is No Limit 2:26
33:48 Let’s go 4:58

Paul Kantner — vocals, guitars, banjo, glass harmonica, synthesizers on “Circle of Fire”, lead guitar on “Underground”
Grace Slick — vocals, piano on “The Mountain Song” and “The Sky Is No Limit”
Jack Casady — bass
China Kantner — vocals on “Declaration of Independence” and “The Sky Is No Limit”
Alexander Kantner — vocals on “Underground”
Craig Chaquico — lead guitar
Pete Sears — piano on “The Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra”, “Lilith’s Song”, and “Science Friction”
Aynsley Dunbar — drums
Scott Mathews — guitar, percussion, pedal steel guitar, Linn drums, glass harmonica, vocoder, synthesizers on “Circle of Fire”, saxophones on “Circle of Fire” and “The Sky Is No Limit”, vocals on “Esperanto”, mandolin on “Esperanto”, harmonica on “Esperanto”, piano on “Esperanto”, organ on “Esperanto”, bass drum on “Esperanto”Ron Nagle — piano on “Esperanto”, vocals on “Esperanto”The Durocs — sound effects on “The Mountain Song”
Ronnie Montrose — lead guitar on “(She Is A) Telepath”
Flo & Eddie — vocals
Mickey Thomas — vocals on “Circle of Fire”
David Freiberg — synthesizers and vocals on “Circle of Fire”
John Blakeley — 2nd rhythm guitar on “Let’s Go”

Malcolm D B Munro
Tuesday 7 March, 2017


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