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Once more an acknowledgement

Once more an acknowledgement

Those of you who have faithfully followed this site will know that from time to time I express my gratitude and thanks to you. And to those who have, are, and will visit.

I am gratified that there is such interest in art music. One used to call it classical but that is no longer true. Some of the pieces I have put up, and will continue to do so as time and inclination permits, is obscure whether past or present.

It is thrilling to find a Youtube video which has only had 57 visits or less and help bring that music to a wider audience. For, it is likely that, having found something on this site that you like you will have, and will continue to pass it onto friends and those you know.

I rarely make comment since I think that much of what I put up here speaks for itself whether poetry or music and needs no elaboration. I do not burden those who visit with some facts about about a piece. Should a visitor or follower be curious there is more than enough on the web to satisfy that curiosity. Besides that is how I myself have found out: Have gone out in search and have often found …

The amount of music I have been putting up in recent weeks has been far less than previously. Music is my first love. But, unless we trained early in life to practice music, later it is difficult and to gain any real competency, impossible in some cases. But one can listen as all lovers of music do.

Those following will have noticed graphic art going up occasionally. This is where my efforts now go and will continue to go.

I don’t really regard this blog as a platform for my art work. Saatchi Art and Artfinder are more than capable of representing me. Besides their sites are a showcase for my work and I can show the work to friends and those interested in an online venue as good as any I could create.

Maybe some of you will be encouraged by what follows.

I come to the visual arts as a practitioner late in life. Throughout my life I have studied art in its various forms but I have never been inside, been a performer or to practice it in a professional sense. I stuck with the security of the career I had chosen however unsuited I was for it. There is a story in this but this not the place to go into that. Time enough.

In December of last year I began doing digital art. Late in February I showed what I had created up to that point to my wife. She carefully went through the work.

“Malcolm, you have to something with this.” The rest is history so to speak.

Each of us knows the value of our work. Saatchi Art is the gold standard of the contemporary art world. And that is where I belong whatever individuals think of the work.

You know it is easy for us to devalue what we do when we find it easy. But it is easy because it is natural to us. Digital art is like this for me. But that does not take away one whit from its value difficult though it is for me to see that it might compare favourably to  others’ work.

The range of music I choose to put up here surely says I am a multifaceted person and I see no reason to restrict that in the art work I do. I am doing what I call physical art as well as digital and cause perplexity with those to whom I have discussed its makings. 

The physical work is slow and requires patience and being methodical to create.

“Why don’t you stick to your digital art?” many of those whom I discussed the physical work have said.

But the physical work is not done at the expense of the digital. I can’t imagine running out of ideas in the digital realm. Quite apart from advances made and being made in the digital realm, there is plenty of growth possible for me. I am using at present a software which is very limited in its capabilities, but I have been content to explore and run the application to its limits. There is a vector software that I used to use sporadically in the past. It is peerless in its capabilities and will adopt in shortly. What will be the result in my work I cannot say.

Then a week ago Sunday I met a man who uses a graphical tablet for his work. He produces the work in the digital form and then paints it. I just had to have one and ran out on the Monday to get one from my local favourite electronic store.

The software that came with it is kind of Mickey Mouse. I have downloaded an Open Software, Krita. This software is everything you could hope for to create in the 3D realm. The version I downloaded had been upgraded the day before.

There is a steep learning curve using the software and I am hamfisted at present. But then so it is with my physical work. I am learning in minutes and hours techniques that take others a life time to learn if they ever do.

Of course I don’t expect to pick up the use of Krita quite so quickly.

I hope that some of you go visit the art work sites and view my work. Come back here and make comments if you find it awful. One values feedback.

Thank you again. You all of you continue to be appreciated.

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 12 May, 2017



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Music from the Heart of Space

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Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 12 May, 2017

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Friday 12 May, 2017

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