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Lowercase Noises – Migratory Patterns

Lowercase Noises – Migratory Patterns

I seldom comment on the music I put up but I would like to with this particular set of pieces. Music speaks for itself and doesn’t extraneous verbal detritus.

So much of the music of these bands and individuals sounds very little different one from another in this particular field of music. Many are good, some excellent, which why they go up here should I know or learn of them. Many are not distintive enough to merit going up. I will listen to them but I would prefer to grace, if that is the right word, my site with music that stands out and you will enjoy.

I write because one particular track stands out; that is Farewell. One of those tunes  that sticks in the mind, a catchy tune. It is also warming to know that some of the artists of these largely monotonal works can actually play instruments and not simply play with knobs.

1. Song For No One 0:00
2. Persistence 5:01
3. Depths 13:32
4. Migratory Patterns 18:25
5. Farewell 26:19

Since I am writing let me add that I draw the greatest satisfaction from seeing visitors to the site and followers of it choosing to listen to the music I put up. I am moved to a substantial degree that there is an audience for it. The popular I can understand but the more obscure, that is most gratifying. I don’t mind if only a single person listens to a piece or set of pieces; one more person than me has listened.

I never get tired of saying thank you to all of  you.

Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 22 May, 2017

Filed under: Arts, Media, poetry, songs, stories

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