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Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

Frank Zappa – Tengo Na Chitarra Tanta

Frank Zappa – Tengo Na Chitarra Tanta

00:00 A Pound For A Brown (1970-11-13 New York)
05:49 A Pound for a Brown (1971-11-27 Rotterdam)
11:08 Holiday In Berlin (1970-11-06 San Francisco)
14:36 Holiday in Berlin (1970-11-14 New York)
20:32 Stinkfoot (1976-02-03 Osaka)
22:56 Trouble Every Day (1974-09-25 Gothenburg)
28:03 Black Napkins (1975 tour)
33:26 Inca Roads (1974-05-12 South Bend)
39:02 Duprees Paradise (1973 tour)
45:14 Ship Ahoy (1976-01-28 Perth)
49:25 Filthy Habits (1976-02-03 Osaka)
53:38 Filthy Habits (1976-01-28 Perth)
57:00 The Torture Never Stops (1977-09-30 Detroit)
1:02:04 Black Napkins (1975 outtake)

Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 12 June, 2017


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