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Police a part of the community we all belong to: Grenfell Tower fire; Investigators bring in 9/11 experts

Grenfell Tower fire; Investigators bring in 9/11 experts, BBC, Thursday 20 July, 2017

Very little comment is necessary here. One can only contrast this policing attitude with some other events and behaviours we have sadly witnessed in recent months and years where citizens and visitors are killed by trigger happy cops. And then go back on duty with only a hand slap.  For crimes that any of the rest of us would go to jail for life.

Hats off and congratulations to Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey, his Commissioner, to the 200 offices who are going to be involved in this gruesome work, and to the Metropolitan Police Force in general. They are example to forces everywhere in their exhibition of compassion and diligence.

Let me add so that the remarks above are seen in context. Kensington and Chelsea Council is the London borough under whose jurisdiction Grenfell Tower falls.

“The council has been accused of being slow to react on the ground and not doing enough to rehouse Grenfell Tower residents.” BBC report cited above.

Malcolm D B Munro
Thursday 20 July, 2017


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