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Chase Bank phishing

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am of a mind to use this platform to inform and warn on Web activity that threatens us.

Tuesday morning I started work early. About 4.00 am CST. Checking the mail in Spam was a thing that looked the spitting image of a Chase email.

“Due to unusual logging in activity your current account has be shut down.”

I read no further. I checked More Details and, loh, the email address looked as if it had come from Mars.

Checking my account, everything was fine and dandy. I hang on the line for a real person. A woman in the Philippines answered. Very pleasant.

“We are so pleased when customers take the trouble to report this kind of activity. This is phishing. (funny name for fraud). Please forward it to:”

As I said in the previous post, please share this email with others. I am certain that Chase is far from the only bank that suffers from this kind of thing.

Malcolm D B Munro
Thursday 27 July, 2017


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