Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.


Bringing back into plain air.

Readership on a blog constantly refreshes and prior posts can lie neglected at the bottom only accessible to search engines. Of my present audience, I don’t know if there is a taste for poetry.

Perhaps my poetry will improve for previously it lacked for me conviction in many cases. The best, I think, express my passions. Some amuse and others light and why should they not too air see.

So, in plain terms, I will be reviving those I think lie at the top of the heap.

Those of you who groan, “Oh, don’t give up the music”, I say, “I can’t, I love it so much”.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 29 July, 2017

Filed under: Arts, Media, Music, poetry, songs, stories

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