Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

So Doug said to Stan

The studio had decided to make
A highly ambitious film set in Rome
To be set in the fortieth year of our Lord,
Jesus Christ, in the full Hollywood tradition,
In a back lot. Lavish sets, authentic costumes,
the whole nine yards,.
Or is it ten?

The world’s Most Famous Director was showing his World
Famous, for penny pinching, Producer the first rushes,

“Why can’t I understand what they are saying, Stan?”

“You asked for the film to be fully authentic, Doug.
I had the scriptwriter write the dialogue in Latin.
That’s what you’re hearing.”

“And what are we supposed to do? Run subtitles?”

“It always seems stupid to me. Bunch of Romans,
Dressed in togas, running around, speaking English.”

“But I can’t understand a bloody word they’re saying, Stan.
And I studied Latin at school.”

“You did! I didn’t know you were educated.”

“Cut it out, Stan! What am I supposed to tell Finance?”

“Well, you said that the film is for a truly international audience.
It’ll have to dubbed anyway.”

“And how the hell are the Cannes Jury to know what country to vote for
The film for? That’s worth an awful lot of money, you know.”

“I know, I know. I want the award. They’ll be impressed, Doug.”

“For a world class director, Stan, you sure talk a load of crap sometimes.
Suppose we had set the film in China, would you have had the cast speak

“Well they own us, don’t they, Doug. Besides, largest captive audience in the

“Good job you weren’t born in Roman times. You’d have made a terrible


Doug rolls his eyes, but at the back of them run a row of dollar signs
like the match of fruit on a one armed bandit.

“Have the scriptwriter rewrite the script in Chinese.”

“But the film is set in Rome, Doug.”

“We’ll have to dub it anyway, Stan. That’s what you said.
And you know, Stan, you’re right. Having Romans running around
in togas speaking English is stupid. Running around in togas speaking
Chinese is better. More authentic.”

Doug toddles off the set whistling, leaving Stan wondering what to do with
the rushes.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 29 July, 2017
Written and originally posted: 4 April, 2016

Filed under: Arts, Media, Music, poetry, songs, stories

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