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Hi all,

The web is a funny thing. And blogs too.

I have taken the time to tell you all how much I appreciate you who are following the site and those who visit on a number of occassions.

But something significant happened where the most recent comment is concerned, and with a couple of couple of comments before. Those comments, combined with the most recent, say that this site is worthwhile.

I have not sought a wider readership, a huge number of visitors or followers. I have felt that should one person visit the site, and listen to, or like, a particular piece of music, or a piece I wrote, that what I did was worthwhile, is worthwhile. I get to share with at least one other person what matters to me. I have the freedom to share on this site what music I like, what my feelings and opinions are. And that is valuable to me. I don’t necessarily know among friends people who will like my music choices. Or like, or wish to read what I write, what my opinions are. People lead busy lives and have their own preoccupations. Besides, they know me, how come he could write anything. Music … let’s no go there.

There are those who boast of how many visitors they have, how many followers they have. There are those who go out and push and push and push to get their figures up. To seek fame or adulation. I don’t seek fame; I have horror of adulation. I am not saying that  I will do what the commentator very kindly suggests I do, to do the work that is required for the site to go viral. I might, we’ll see. I already get some twenty to a hundred emails from this blog a day. Depending on the number of posts I make. I savour every one. Slobber over them. Each one seems precious. Each one a confirmation that this man writing this is not an asshole. That maybe, just maybe, does something worthwhile. I hope so.

You know, I tell my friends; if I feel lonely, just post and people will flock to my door. Never want to mention countries, those in which my visitor live or reside. But I have to mention one. You will understand why. I was telling my wife of how this blog brings people from all over the world. St Kitts, for example.

Where’s St Kitts? she asked. I did not let my manly didacticism leap from out my hanging tongue.

It’s funny you know, when I wrote the political stuff (I occasionally stumble over a piece and wonder: Did I write that? Where did you get the ken to do so?) and had many followers, many of whom are on my Facebook page, and such a dialogue running in the comments column.  One day one of my followers said, “Malcolm, you are a thinker.” I stopped cold dead in my tracks. I made no subsequent posts. It is hard to formulate the words as to why I did this. Maybe some of you can figure it out. Please, please don’t write in the comments columns why that might have been. Don’t want no theses, when Freud has gone.

Naturally, you can always sane, thoughtful comments. The door is open, come on in.

I have never concerned myself with whether the site content, writing or music links, are valuable, are worthwhile. In fact, I have been quite unaware that that might be the case.

So here we are. Let’s see how things go. Where I can, I shall keep you posted. Heavens to Murgatroyd, some of you might even find it interesting. After all each of us has a story to tell, maybe many.

This art thing is truly a funny thing. The creative power, the thrust of the creative force is so powerful, it threatens to overwhelm.

I have noted in previous blogs of how I truly understand why so many artists, musicians, writers, and so on, commit suicide, or are imprisoned within caring, hostile institutions. You have to be a healthy, fully realised person to do this stuff well. But, all’s well, just do your art every day, ten minutes, the whole day, through the night. That way you will stay grounded, will remain real, and know who and what you are.

I know. Concentrate on one thing, some admin for too long, organising files, writing long emails to my two online Art Galleries long explanatory emails justifying myself, why I did this or why I did that. And then turn round, the email overburden more than a pregnant elephant, and strip all that overburden out, and leave only essentials. One or two sentences. That put in the simplest terms what I need or a call to answer what I ask.

Of course, this being the Web, an eternity may pass before you get a reply. Or you may never hear again.

This set of virtual bricks and mortar. Can you see them? I can’t

No we are in a void. Floating like the man in A Space Odessa. Or did I get the wrong film.

That eloquently degradable bone rainbow arcing  into a global warming can made of good old fashioned aluminium.

Ah is not life bliss. Out here in the Outback.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 29 July, 2017.



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Thompson Twins – You Take Me Up

Thompson Twins – You Take Me Up

Malcolm D B Munro
Thursday 27 July, 2017

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Chase Bank phishing

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am of a mind to use this platform to inform and warn on Web activity that threatens us.

Tuesday morning I started work early. About 4.00 am CST. Checking the mail in Spam was a thing that looked the spitting image of a Chase email.

“Due to unusual logging in activity your current account has be shut down.”

I read no further. I checked More Details and, loh, the email address looked as if it had come from Mars.

Checking my account, everything was fine and dandy. I hang on the line for a real person. A woman in the Philippines answered. Very pleasant.

“We are so pleased when customers take the trouble to report this kind of activity. This is phishing. (funny name for fraud). Please forward it to:”

As I said in the previous post, please share this email with others. I am certain that Chase is far from the only bank that suffers from this kind of thing.

Malcolm D B Munro
Thursday 27 July, 2017

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Prem Joshua – Water Down The Ganges

Prem Joshua – Water Down The Ganges

Malcolm D B Munro
Sunday 23 July, 2017

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Internet hacking: Who knows anything about the following?

Should this discussion catch your attention and interest you, please be sure to pass it on to those whom you know. The wider the reach it has the better.

Thank you in advance for reading. Be advised that it is safe to do so :0

With the increased hacking and development of newer means such as malware, and the like, of computers and computer systems worldwide, and the fact that all computers and operating softwares, including Apple’s, are showing themselves to be extremely vulnerable despite, in many cases having the most sophisticated defence softwares and systems possible, there is a need for a much higher awareness than required previously. Just as we have increased security at airports so we need, each of us, increased alertness in our use of computers and other devises when we are online.

We are particularly exposed due to the fact that life is increasingly getting to the point that ordinary functioning is impossible without online access. I don’t need to list the full extent of these, but some are: checking bank balances, working with software in the cloud, etc., etc.

It is possible that writing on this subject may become a regular feature of this blog. I hope that will not be the case but I take these threats seriously. People like the US DOD have said that future wars will be fought electronically, including the Internet. The result of Terrorism on the Web (my phrase, I haven’t seen it anywhere) will be devastating. Whole countries could be paralysed with their economies severely affected. This is no exaggeration. The recent spate of software and computer disruptions we witnessed in the last two weeks where whole countries, Ukraine was one, were affected suggests that what lies ahead may be dreadful.

No action is possible without knowledge and communication. The computer geek community worldwide is one of the most powerful communities we have. If nothing else, they are soooo bright 🙂 That, nevertheless, does not protect us as individuals, me writing this, and you as reader. The neighbourhood is threatened, Time to guard the door.

This is an appeal to find out something about the following. If you have anything that will help, please post in the comments column.

I am taking the unusual step of posting this on the blog because I am failing to find information on the web using Google search. When I search I get literally nothing except IP information. I would add that I am using an Apple Macbook Pro with OS 10.10.5. Each of you reading this can be assured that value may come to you should any results be obtained through this appeal.

At the very least the incident is publicly reported.


A little bit of history. I run Adblock Plus which I have found excellent. I allow no extensions in the three browsers I use: Firefox, which is my default browser, Safari and Opera. Google I do not use since it proves itself to be more vulnerable than the other three. More on that in a moment.

The only problem, and I stress only, was the infiltration, through malware masquerading as a Flashplayer update; malware site names are constantly changing. The update nagged and nagged so often that I got fedup and clicked. I was redirected to a site that was full of ads. This malware took possession of all of the browsers, except Opera interestingly enough, thus disabling them. Searching was no longer possible.

Flash Player as app is no longer on my computer. It is strange that Adobe do not issue any warnings, a negligence on their part.

I called Apple and they, bless their bloody hearts, spent some two and half hours cracking the problem. The woman helping me was incredibly patient. This was done with cell phone in hand and computer in front of me. Details are superfluous in the context of this discussion. . Together we removed the malware on each of the affected browsers, except, and note this, Google. Google’s browser is no longer on my machine.

As a result of that incident which happened just over a month ago, I installed Malwarebytes. How effective it is I can’t say. One wonders when you run a scan and the report gives a clean bill of health if there wasn’t stuff it missed.

Help and Information Needed

Now to the present incident. I would like to stress that I have had no such previous incident of  this kind. The only thing I have is the unwelcome email that slips past the Spam folder which I clear on a daily basis. I make a habit of unsubscribing to everything that is superfluous. I mean everything. No cluttering of the inbox. So what I see whenever I post online, music or otherwise. is a stream of emails from WordPress. Hundreds of them. And how welcome they are. If you feel lonely, just post on the blog and the rest of the world will come to your doorstep.

The Report

Caution: You explore these URL’s at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for any injury to your machine or devise that results. You should exercise extreme caution in exploratory work you do. Unless, and only unless, you know what you are doing!

I repeat, I accept no responsibility for your actions.

The following intrusions arrived at 11.36 Central Standard Time, today on Firefox.



Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 14.01.12

The call for help is that I have found no means of blocking these intrusions. As I say I have not had previous intrusions and these obviously circumvented Adblock Plus.

Thanks for reading.

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 21 July, 2017




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Nico Muhly – Diacritical Marks, Orava String Quartet; Quartet opening for Sufjan Stevens’ Planetarium at the Sydney Opera House, 29th of May, 2012

Nico Muhly – Diacritical Marks, Orava String Quartet; Quartet opening for Sufjan Stevens’ Planetarium at the Sydney Opera House, 29th of May, 2012

1st Movement
2nd Movement
3rd Movement
4th Movement
5th Movement
6th Movement
7th Movement
8th Movement

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 21 July, 2017

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Nico Muhly – Diacritical Marks, Warhol Dervish

Nico Muhly – Diacritical Marks, Warhol Dervish

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 21 July, 2017

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Terry Riley – Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector for string quartet, Warhol Dervish, Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, August 4, 2012

Terry Riley – Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector for string quartet, Warhol Dervish, Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, August 4, 2012

John Corban and Carissa Klopoushak violins
Pemi Paull viola
JC Lizotte Cello

Music: Terry Riley Uses a Quartet Robert Palmer, New York Times September 28, 1982

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 21 July,

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Nico – Waiting For The Man

Nico – Waiting For The Man

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 21 July, 2017

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The Velvet Underground and Nico – Heroin – At The Hilltop Pop Festival 1969

The Velvet Underground and Nico – Heroin – At The Hilltop Pop Festival 1969

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 21 Julym 2017

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