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Imminent dangers we face as a species

Imminent dangers we face as a species

This is a clarion call but a reasoned and sober one. No hysteria ever obtained action.

There seem to be few people who are aware or express awareness of the threats that lie ahead which threaten our very existence. This is not a paranoid expression nor one of that like chicken little. To refer to these dangers as threatening our very existence is to say that, should we simply allow them to happen without awareness of their consequences, their effect with remove from us our ability to think and act as sentient human beings. There are those who say, “Oh, we will adapt as we always have.”

That response is inadequate. At no point in our history have we, as humans faced a threat like this. To accept the total subjugation of our lives to machines is no existence at all. Better to commit mass suicide than accept this. We can avert this if we wish and take the necessary action. I detect little in the public realm of any awareness of these dangers. And find instead complacency is akin to having allowed the Nazis of Hitler to have dominate the world and made slaves of us all. Such a prospect had us fight a war which was global in its extent and, among other consequences, bankrupted Britain from which she has still not recovered and may never.

I would like to learn of a forum of people who view with alarm the dangers what  face us in the immediate future to the very autonomy of us as human being. I think those dangers are very great. Any comment on this? We face a grim future unless those who care consider what is at stake and what can be done about it. In the past such groups have had considerable influence on their society to the extent of influencing  and changing its course. The action the British took on Slavery is one example. We can effect change far beyond the ability or inclination of politicians to do so. In most cases they ignore the problem or are indifferent to it.

I would like to invite guest to write on these pages where the comments column does not suffice.

Let me know.

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 4 August, 2017



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As to going viral

Good morning to readers and followers alike.

I find the call to go viral attractive, although the work involved is considerable and the prospect of the inundation on the email box intimidating. 

I would have to feel that my content is worthy of doing so. For one thing I need to have the encouragement of others who think similarly. Comments on this are welcome.

I don’t know if the suggestion, for which I thank the person who did so, refers to the music links or to the written content. No visitors or followers viewed yesterday’s post.

When this blog concerned itself with politics alone, I had a large following and an active and animated set of discussions in the comments section. It was wonderful and I miss it.

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 4 August, 2017

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