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Marc Mellits – from Platter of Discontent

Eastman Saxophone Project Fall Concert
November 16, 2014
Kilbourn Hall, Eastman School of Music

Marc Mellits
from Platter of Discontent:
Roasting Petunia
The Seduction of Brie (2:27)
Standing at the Gates of Orange Wheat (4:20)
from String Quartet No. 2:
Groove Machine (8:00)
arr. Jonathan Wintringham


Jon Wintringham, soprano
Matthew Amedio, soprano
Kevin Zhao, soprano
Lauritz Eller, soprano
Myles Boothroyd, alto
Katherine Weintraub, alto
Ainsley Kilgo, alto
Annie Sawamura, alto
Aiwen Zhang, alto
Chaithu Natarajan, alto
Tim Harris, tenor
Matthew Evans, tenor
Stephanie Venturino, tenor
Drew Viavattine, tenor
Anne Kunkle, tenor
Sumner Truax, baritone
Khanh Nguyen, baritone
Arthur Liang, baritone
Dan Stenziano, baritone
Tyler Wiessner, bass

Chien-Kwan Lin, director
Jon Wintringham, assistant director

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 5 August, 2017


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