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Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

I’m a bad boy

I have lost three posts in draft. Am kicking up a stink with WP and making a nusiance of myself and WP folks, I am sure they are all sweethearts in real life, but they are kicking back and adopting a strange stentorian tone:  you should’ve done this and you should have done that … really?

I post this note so’s you all know. I wrote three of the best writings I have ever done by way of posts. They are not reproducible. I shall move on. The next posts will be even better. Can’t do better than that, right?

To all my lovely reader, followers and visitors alike, thank you. Every reader matters. Should there be only one reader for a post, that’s a lot more than simply me writing in the vacuum of my journal. To write publicly, ah, such bliss.

This is not written in the spirit of seeking sympathy; I don’t think I would welcome it. But sharing, ah that is different.

Malcolm D B Munro
Written this wonderful day,
Monday 7 August, 2017 where the temperature was 86degF when I cam out of the house;

One I spent yesterday, is, was, a post on Music on You Tube. 4-1/2hours to write. And I not supposed to be upset? Maybe I’ll try again. Maybe not.

Any of you bloggers have problems with saving now that the saving button has gone?Stupid thing to do in my ugly opinion.


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