Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

Those of you who have been paying close attention

and those that haven’t, will know that I have been undergoing a transformation.

You know, the great thing about a blog is that you can write freely. You don’t hold people here on the terrestrial captive while you go on and on … and on and on. Those who come to the blog are free to read or not read what I write. I don’t use bad language and I seek to not offend with my outspokenness. My stuff  is interesting to some and not to others and might be boring at times and of interest to no one. That is what a blog is all about.

Well …  the transformation. After a lifetime of being locked within the prison of depression I am all but free. And life, now, is a revelation. Night and day is not a sufficient an expression to describe what is now going on. A contrast between those lives is difficult to word.

There are so, so many examples I can give. Two:

I was at *$ on South Rice and was talking to a man, an Eritrean whom I have known for some 10 to 15 years. He goes there to join a group of his fellow countrymen, no women. He went through a long period where he did not greet me. One seldom knows what is going on in a person’s life whom you know only slightly, and I was telling of what I now do; the arts suff and all that.

Readers, the response was astonishing. This, believe me, is happening daily. He talked of Dubai. I know this city, along with some others in the world, intends to put itself on the map for the future. Big time. He talks of the buildings. I find them so … well I find difficulty in looking at pictures of those built and drawings of those to be build. They are so fantastic that they seem to be like those we saw in the space comics we read as kids.

The point is that he told me of a Festival of Digital Art; I haven’t looked yet. You mean there is a market for the stuff I do?

Yesterday, Sunday, another glorious day in Houston. 81degF when I came out of the house, no humidity, and this is August when this city is usually like a steaming jungle of tall of office towers and residential buildings not trees where the stuff is so thick you could almost walk on it. I was in Guitar Centre in the afternoon, and was speaking to the Customer Support Manager; one can see why he has that role. Anyway, at the conclusion of our conversation during which he told me in response to my telling him that I has started composing, that he too composes, I invited him to make a concluding statement, he said, “Malcolm, cut loose.”

I can say that we humans understand everything, retain everything, we have ever said, heard or seen within our subconscious, but intellectually I didn’t know what he meant. I did and did not understand what he meant. But what a gift, and I get them day after day after day.

As the Eritrean and I were parting to go our separate ways, one of the people behind the counter, they all know me, I have been going there ever since we bought the house in 1998, came up behind me, close but not too close, and said, “Whatever you are doing, you are doing it right. Keep doing it.”

Truly human beings are astonishing, not in the sense of being clever, coming up with all this stuff around us, walking on the moon and all that, but exhibiting the capacity to understand and respond to a fellow human being in the way I am daily witnessing. This is humanity in all senses of the word. Why we do not see it in our governments or corporations or institutions of whatever kind, I don’t know. What I am seeing and hearing around me in the interactions now taking place in my life clearly say that we, as a species among many, are capable of creating a great world, not a Utopia,  not that that Marxism sought, but something different, something we have never seen. 

But perhaps it is only me. That something in me evokes this response in others. But, readers, it keeps happening. Now, no envy … I am here to share my world when and as often as I can with you.

Why not pass on the energy and uplift in me that those around like and admire.

We only have such gifts as I am receiving to share and pass them on. I am right glad to.

Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 7 August, 2017



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