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Doing something right

Watching the emails stream in marked WordPress, particularly those now following the blog, I am clearly doing something right.

When I had put up a substantial amount of digital work on Saatchi Art and I told my wife  that I was following the number of hits each work got within a set time, usually a week, she made a remark to the effect, a question, “You aren’t going to pander to popular taste are you?” knowing this to not be my taste.

But, I think it important to be in touch with your audience. Their preferences and dislikes. Having mounted slightly eve a 100 works on the site, with more to follow, I pulled some of the less popular works from the site; some I was glad to pul. I didn’t like them was relieved to have absent. Should they have stayed. Off the site and they surely will not sell.  Saatchi hate you doing this. But if the number of visits in the case of these works were a fraction of those further up the totem pole, then what purpose do they serve? 

There are works I simply can’t replicate even supposing I wished to. There is a work either way  which is by far and away the most visited of all the digital works. Why this is I cannot say. Could I make works similar to this. I would be foolish to try. There is a sort of red version created around the same time. It does not draw visitors in anything like the other. Why is inexplicable. Take the case of the work I have sold, upon time. This work was among those I pulled from the Saatchi site. On Art Finder this pulling or not pulling works does not arise. AF does not track visitors, or if they do, the figures are not available to those of us on the site. So I have no criteria.

And so it with writing. Now, it is true this writing and all others is not for profit. But that should not make a difference. My writing here and elsewhere should, needs to be, to a standard that is suitable for sale, for publication. I think, for one thing, that you as readers, deserve nothing less.

In thinking about the previous to last post, I puzzle over this business of the use of first person singular. Why is it so difficult to employ. Where one moment the voice seems authentic and in the next cloying and oversweet. Alongside the publication of these posts, I have been in correspondence with one of my business partners, see the Linked In profile for sense of what I am saying.

I send letters, emails, to him and others, in my business world and they are word and letter perfect. Naturally, I check them. I type fast and even if I did not I would still need to. All of us would.

But why? What’s the difference? Write like you talk is the injunction of one school of thought on fiction writing, and the kind of personal that I employ here. But how is that possible. When speaking in a non business environment, I use many registers. Depending on circumstance, topic and to whom I am talking. I cannot employ these with an I voice. One would have to write in fiction mode through a character or characters. The is no possibility of contracting a fiction piece at the speed with which I am writing these words. But maybe that is not true. When writing fiction, I have a clear sense of what I want to write. As with my digital art and, indeed, with the music spoken of elsewhere, the work is fully realised within me. All I have to do is put it out into the world.

Ah, now I begin to see where we are with this. There is no fully conceived work here. Of course I have a sense of what I wish to say to you as I write these words but the conception of this piece is not fully formed with the creative centre of me, wherever that lies. I don’t think it can.

Perhaps it is. I am speaking directly to an audience I don’t know. In the business world I know exactly whom I am talking to, whether it be a CEO, the partner that I just spoke of, or the insurance agent I wrote to earlier today to squabble with him over the start and end days of the auto insurance.

Maybe it is not this but having a clear thought process as one writes.

Possibly it is none of these things.

There is a case to be made for the fact that I am entering a new world, that of the arts; visual art, and, perhaps, the musical, where everything is unfamiliar. I do not have the suave, polished person so practiced in that field, the arts. Here, surely, I am the same person, but the landscape is different. I am in a foreign country and I am new among the natives.  It is a strange experience having been in another land, that of engineering, business and the commercial, for so long that was so familiar to me. My writing I notice is suffering. I simply cannot account for this. I could say to myself, this too will pass. 

But there is a deeper problem which I think is of interest to all writers and all humans, and, although I am running against schedule to go to Guitar Centre and Washington Heights, see previous posts, I think it is important to say. And that is the problem of introversion. This form of being I find unhealthy, It was at the root of my depressive state. The writing I have been doing over the past three, four days, for the most part has often turned to the introversion. An inner world and not an outer world. The latter a being in the world, as philosophers and psychologists might say. The pursuit of the visual and musical does not have this feature of their creativeness. These writings suffer from the fact that they do. I am thinking of this and of how it might be and why it is. I will resolve it and the attendant improvement of the written page will be visible to all, including me.

Now, I should stress that introversion is not the same as introspection which is an entirely different form of thinking.

It would be hazardous to say to you, watch this space.

Malcolm D B Munro
Wednesday 9 August, 2017


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