Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

Faith is it not a strange thing

Faith is such a strange thing
Takes all forms and death sometimes results
From some to others who do not
Hew to their evil, self serving view.

As humans we have to hold true
That there is a power above
Greater than ourselves
To humble us.

This enriches our lives beyond measure
For without it life is barren
Dust, a bad taste in the mouth

Religions in times past have 
Gone on Crusades to murder
Those who did not believe
In the view they held that
Theirs was the sole true

Faith in other parts
Performed without prosecuting
They live and let others live
Admiration must one hold
To the peace in these in worship
In their way and not demand it
Of others.

In times past there have been
Those who required of their
Trodden mass
That they  worship the idol
Who set himself as atop of them
Better by far than the ordinary.

Tin gods, one held in Marx’s 
Something he did not intend.

The Reformation came
A way of life adopted
When Luther nailed not
Upon the cross but on the.
With hammer blows
His seven edicts upon,
Doors in Wittenberg.

This left free most to pursue
Their variation of a common
Faith, and took into their 
Own tongues
What in Latin
Was locked within 
The Priest.

There are those
Rare indeed who
Who do not
What is in their soul
But commit to the universe
And lift their hearts
To a higher plane
But do not speak of it.

But regardless.
Humble us
In our hubris
And remove from 
Us our all too frequent

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 11 August, 2017


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