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Steely Dan Plush TV Jazz-Rock Party (2000) – Two Against Nature

Steely Dan Plush TV Jazz-Rock Party (2000) – Two Against Nature

1. Green Earrings (00:02:40)
2. Cousin Dupree (00:09:48)
3. Bad Sneakers (00:17:03)
4. Janie Runaway (00:22:00)
5. Josie (00:26:44)
6. FM (00:33:42)
7. Gaslighting Abbie (00:39:49)
8. Black Friday (00:47:00)
9. Babylon Sisters (00:54:04)
10. Kid Charlemagne (01:05:56)
11. Jack of Speed (01:12:08)
12. Peg (01:24:07)
13. What a Shame About Me (01:29:06)
14. Pretzel Logic (01:35:04)


Walter Becker – bass, guitar
Donald Fagen – organ, piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer
Ted Baker – piano
Jon Herington – guitar
Tom Barney – bass
Cornelius Bumpus and Chris Potter – saxophone
Michael Leonhart – trumpet
Jim Pugh – trombone
Ricky Lawson – drums
Carolyn Leonhart, Cynthia Calhoun and Victoria Cave – vocals


Director: Earle Sebastian
Producer: Joel Hinman
Executive Producers: Craig Fruin and John Beug
Executive Producers for Believe: Luke Thornton and Liz Silver
Executive Producer for In the Spotlight: David Horn
Recording and Mixing: Elliot Scheiner and Roger Nichols
Representation: Craig Fruin/HK Management
Package Photography: Michael Northrop, Photodisc and Annalisa

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 12 August, 2017


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