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Laibach in Pyongyang, North Korea 19.08.2015

Laibach in Pyongyang, North Korea 19.08.2015

Kilka klipów z koncertu słoweńskiego zespołu Laibach w stolicy Korei Północnej, Pjongjangu.

Few short clips from the first concert of a Slovenian band Laibach in Pyongyang, North Korea on August 19th 2015.

A Slovenian rock band known for performing in Nazi uniforms made an appearance in North Korea on Wednesday and is expected to play again on Thursday.

The Telegraph reported on Wednesday, The members of the group Laibach were invited to play in two concerts that are a celebration of North Korea’s 70th anniversary of liberation from Japanese colonial rule.

Laibach was the name the Nazis used to refer to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, when it occupied the country during World War II. The band has been performing since 1980 and mixes industrial, martial and neoclassical musical styles.

1. Life is life
2. Sound of music
3. Arirang

Malcolm D B Munro
Sunday 13 August, 2017


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