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Minimalism at 50: how less became more

Minimalism at 50: how less became more Tom Service, Guardian, 24 November, 2011

I know I have commented on this topic before. But those of you have been following like a good detective the aberrant trail on this blog will know that I have started a composition  which nobody has heard a fraction of since I have no idea of its worth and, since I have to mug on my music reading skills, never mind writing,  will not.

It is stunning that Minimalism is still with us as a musical form. The pulse which distinguishes the form, and the lack of drawn out melodies have bled into post rock and bands for whom there appears to be no easy genre to fit them into, examples of which might be A Winged Victory for the Sullen and Stars of the Lid, and I am sure in other areas of music of which I am unaware. Sometimes it seems that we are stuck with the repetition of this form until the end of time.

Still, in some ways it is comforting to think, that because of Minimalism, many who would never have graced their ears listening to classical music have done so because of the ease with which the music, Minimalism, can be listened to.

Highly influenced as I am, I do not intend to compose in this form But we will see if indeed I even am worthy of being listened to at all. I have no intention of adding to the heaps and heaps of junk that passes for music. After all, many have tried and few have succeeded. I mean in the classical realm. Minimalist or not, simple or not, the genre is demanding. The skills and sophistication of performers see to that.

Malcolm D B Munro
Sundat 13 August, 2017


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