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Suthamma (Ta) Thimkaeo

Suthamma Thimkaeo is an artist born and based in Tailand who shares my presence with her art work on Saatchi Art and Art Finder
The owner of Art Finder recently opened a discussion forum to artists represented on Art finder’s online Art Gallery with a call for ideas that would allow AF to better repesent those artists. There were many comments, including some disreptuable ones from me, which won’t suprise followers and readers of this blog.
One comment stuck in my mind and I thought to reproduce it on this blog. Its content will make it obvious why. The intelligence of the content, and particulary her coments on art in Tailand, seem to me to be worth reproducing here. Her comments may be only of interest to other artists like myself, but there may be content of interest to a more general audience. I hope so.
I have edited her post only slightly to correct some grammar, which comments made rapidly on online site is surely allowable, and to remove what is only relevant to Art Finder staff. Her English is otherwise flawless. 

 Suthamma (Ta) Thimkaeo Posted 24 Jul, 2017 01:53Edited 24 Jul, 2017 10:04

Ailthough it says I’ve been on ArtFinder since 2014, it was only February 2016 that I actually loaded a photo and got the shop up and running and that was because I’d just sold a painting on Saatchi, which also was neglected by me and the sale came as a big shock.

Since 2016 I’ve had some success on ArtFinder and the graph is up and down like a mountain range. I now know and realise you have to work hard on your shop, keep it unto date and fresh, and also plug it on social media at every opportunity. The reason I’m writing this is that I applied to join the 24 hour (flash sale) 50% discount and was disappointed to discover I was not in the promotional editor’s choice, but something happened because my page views passed the 100s on the Saturday and the Sunday I had 8 paintings added to the basket.

So at first I was disappointed about not being included in the actual promotion as in the 2,000 odd paintings in the editor’s pick, but quickly realised something was obviously running in the background because I was getting lots of hits and followers from buyers.

Then I thought about what ArtFinder has done for me since 2016, I’ve sent my art round the world, I’ve sent my art from New York to Los Angeles and loads of States in-between. I’ve sent my art to Korea and Peru, and a lot of Europe. I’ve had 5 Star reviews with people talking about my work that has bought a tear to my eye.

I live and work in Thailand and we Thais are not great art lovers (as in the art on ArtFinder). The other day I actually had a Thai guy come to my house / studio and actually buy a painting, I sat and spoke with him for a couple of hours about art in Thai.

That’s the first time in over 5 years I’ve ever sold a piece of art to a Thai and spoke in Thai about my art (that’s not strictly true I have painted an elephant on the front of a shop and painted some Buddha’s for some Thais) but I’m talking about art as in my art.

Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 14 August, 2017 


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