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From the Rice Fields of Tailand

I posted yesterday on Ta and feel that her story is well worth posting here. Those of us who have led and lead a life of priviledge should surely  be inspired by her perseverance and courage to pursue what she wanted from life. With all the opportunties at hand for us, we can hardly complain if we do not realize our own dreams. We can choose and live a life where we have shown courage and a drive and willingness to overcome the obstacles in our own societies, which are not inconsiderable. Shoud we not do this, we cannot complain and wish for our lives to be different. What we wish to do is in our own hands. The Amerian message to everyone growing up in this country is: follow your dreams. It is not said lightly.

Our dreams are within reach. We only have to grasp them.

Suthamma (Ta) Thimkaeo


It all started early one morning in 1974, when I was born, I know it was early because someone remembers seeing the Monk’s out collecting their offerings (local people greet the monks and offer food, which is taken back to the temple and shared with whoever is there) where will it end, who knows.

We Thais have a belief that our life is mapped out for us and what will be will be, but I hope my future is bright. I want everyone in the world to see my work, I hope to be able to make a decent life and be able to pay the bills when they come in. I want a better future for my daughters then I had.

I’m now living in a beautiful part of Thailand with my house and studio overlooking the stunning gulf of Thailand, but It was not always like that .

When I was a kid living in a rural village, with little electric no running water life was very difficult, It was farming area, mainly rice and most people worked in the rice fields, that was our life, there was little ambition to do anything else.

I was always different from the rest of the people in my village I just wanted to escape I knew there was a different world out there just didn’t know where.

 At 12 I worked in the rice fields, 13 worked in a sweat factory in Bangkok making shirts, 14 was driving a pick up truck 7 days a week 14 hours a day selling vegetables which I did until my early twenties.

While working in Bangkok I went for a walk I didn’t get far, came across an old art studio with an old man painting I stood and watched him for ages, he invited me in, showed me what he was doing and showed me round his studio.

 I knew I wanted to be like that old man and paint, I loved that old studio,  loved the chaos the smell of paint, it was fascinating and I was well and truly hooked. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but knew one day I was going to be an artist, but, I remember thinking, it would be easier to walk on the moon then me becoming an artist.

 Later in life I had a  wonderful opportunity and grabbed it with both hands, that opportunity was art, I’m in it now and I’m not moving, it will continue to change my life for the better and I love it.

 My first real exhibition was on Samui with a big cocktail party and lots of people all dressed up I had to make a speech and thank everyone, don’t forget I’m Thai and these were all Westerners, I’ve never done anything like it in my life before, my English is not bad but it’s far from perfect, but they were very kind to me.

I put on a little black dress some red lipstick and made the most of it, I loved it, not so much the attention but the fact people I’ve never met before liked my work and wanted to talk to me about it.

I hope people will say Ta had a difficult first half of her life but her second half was pure magic, her art is seen all over the world, she didn’t live in London, Paris, New York, Monaco, or Peru, but she sent her work there and now she’s looking down from the moon, not bad for a girl from the rice fields of Thailand.

From Ta’s entry on Art Finder

Malcolm D B Muno
Tuesday 15 August, 2017


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