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no clock can tell the time

no clock can tell the timeno clock can tell the time available at Saatchi Art

Death hangs listlessly

Death hangs listlessly
Almost insensible
The eyes pecked by the crows
Already sightless.
The bright flowers of gloom
Are strewn across its path

Laughter the night once heard
Teeth bared in a languid smile

The shroud flaps wistfully
The breeze soft across the naked cheek
Its woeful sigh resounds
A whisper

The head newly shaven
For the entrance
All doors once open
Are now closed

The stars watch eager
To deliver before dawn comes

Sorrows are absent
None to attend
Not celebrated
For who would come to the feast

We wait in vain for the wake
As the centuries pass

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 10 June, 2916

Copyright is retained by the artist, all Rights Reserved


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