Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

Writing lies

Writing lies

Writing lies between
the dark world
where rivers freeze
into frozen liquid
and the light and
gayness of summer days

Writing lies between
sleep when the mind
explores its own world
daylight and entwine
of lovers’ kisses
embraces and soft words

Writing lies between
the dark unspoken
unspeaking inner pain
and the loquacious
verbal, easily said
and spoken conversation.

Writing lies between
the dark pages of the
Guttenburg subconsious
and the hand that writes
freely as if driven by
some God
looking over the writer’s
An unseen teacher
schooling his student
in limpid essays
and unrigid composition.

Writing lies between
the desert and aridity
and silence and the
hum filled world
of activity and tasks.

Writing lies between
ignorance, brute strength
and barbarous primal instict
and serene true knowledge
where wisdom again becomes
mute and
in the quiwt all is known.

And when writing ceases
silence comes
and with it
death and

Malcolm D B Munro
22 May, 1986


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