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Jakub Zytecki – Wishful Lotus Proof


Jakub Zytecki – Wishful Lotus Proof

00:00 – Yes
02:00 – Satya’s Diary (feat. Piotr Gibner of Proghma-C & Moose The Tramp)
10:24 – Cold
15:23 – Nullity Rooted (feat. Misha Mansoor of Periphery)
19:23 – Fall of Logic
24:33 – Majin (feat. Rafał Piotrowski of Decapitated)
29:44 – Eywa O.F.F.
34:09 – Run! (feat. Plini)
38:02 – Eternal Fact of Water (feat. David Maxim Micic)
46:20 – Avifors Day
50:56 – The Sea’s Only Gifts Are Harsh Blows
56:59 – Yellow

Guest solos:
17:57 – Misha Mansoor
37:13 – Plini
44:20 – David Maxim Micic

Rafal’s vocals recorded at Take 47 Studio by Pawel Grobler
Peter’s vocals recorded at Meksyk Studio by Krzysztof Pająk


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