Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

Lines trail

Lines trail across the skies
As high the airplane flies
Trains wail as they trail
Their wagons across the
desert into the distance far
Rockets roar as they soar
Towards the universe and stars
Ships wake their white as they
Sail upon a blue wide sea
Meteors tumble to the earth
Burning up as they fall
Eyes held in awe and thrall
Colours crimson green and blue
Form in Northerm skies
And shine on ice which stretches right
To the Pole
The earth’s plates shift, a cracking, grating sound
As thunder rolls and roars far off
And the rains pour
Is this Armaggedon
Or simply the end of time?

Malcolm D B Munro
Sunday 20 August, 2017


Filed under: Arts, Media, Music, poetry, songs, stories

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