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Rued Langgaard – Sfærernes musik

Rued Langgaard – Sfærernes musik

Sfærernes musik (Musica delle sfere), per soprano, coro, orchestra, organo e orchestra distante, testo di Ida Lock (BVN 128) (1916)

Gitta-Maria Sjöberg, soprano
Danish National Radio Choir
Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
diretti da Gennady Rozhdestvensky

I. Like sunbeams on a coffin decorated with sweet-smelling flowers
II. Like the twinkling of stars in the blue sky at sunset
III. Like light and the depths
IV. Like the refraction of sunbeams in the waves
V. Like the twinkling of a pearl of dew in the sun on a beautiful summer’s morning
VI. Longing – Despair – ecstasy
VII. Soul of the world – Abyss – All soul’s day
VIII. I wish …!
IX. Chaos – Run – Far and near
X. Flower wither
XI. Glimpse of the sun through tears
XII. Bells pealing: Look ! He comes
XIII. The gospel of flowers – From the far distance
XIV. The new day
XV. The end : Antichrist – Christ

Malcolm D B Munro
Wednesday 23 August, 2017


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