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This blogger as professional artist

Those of you who have been following closely, or not, will be aware that I began doing digital art at the end of last year. This is an update. Some of what I say may have been posted already. My hope is that, by example, I am an encouragement to others. That would be nice. Until my art site is up and running I should like to use this space to that end.

As I say, in December of 2016 I began doing digital art. Towards the end of February this year I took the work I had produced up to that point and showed it to my wife. Her response was, “Malcolm, you need to do something with this. ” You need only point a horse in the right direction for it to know which way to go. At the beginning of March I placed the work on Saatchi Art and Art Finder

In April Saatchi Art asked me to submit to the jury for selection for the Other Arts Fair in Bristol, England, to take place in 1-3 September 2017. Of 700 artists, bearing in mind that there are over 10000 arists on Saatchi Art, 80 were selected. Saatchi have invited me to apply for the 2018 OAF in the same city.

 A month after that invitation, as I was packing and shipping my first art sale to a buyer in Beverly Hills, an invitation came to submit for a commission to produce a Public Arts Work for a new police station in the southwest of this city. The board member of the arts organization charged with selecting those to be commissioned gave me the wrong date for closure of applications. The closure date was in fact the day I shipped the newly sold art work out to California.

Three days later, Saatchi asked me to apply for their second Other Arts Fair to be held in Brooklyn, New York, November 9-12, 2017. I don’t know how many artists were put before the jury but I suspect it was of the order of 1000.  I am one of 110 artists who have been selected to show.

This being my first show, I am not familiar with the logistics of mounting an exhibition of my work, especially one outside the city. There is a first for most things in our lives.

One quandrary I face is the physical art. I would like to place my 3D art alongside the flat works but I baulk at shipping the 3D work to New York and back. It is enough for now, I think, to pay attention to the flat work.

I am certain, that in showing in New York, my life as an artist will be transformed. One can only expect this to be in unexpected ways.

Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 29 August, 2017


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