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Houston Art Gallery show October 19 – December 14, 2017

A gallery in Houston in prestigous part of the town have asked me to hang 4 works in the windows of the gallery. The works should go up today with the Official Opening to follow.  Once the Opening has been held I will be able to post details of the gallery and where it is.

Until such times as my art web site is up and running I shall likely be posting events and happenings so that there is a record of progess up the ladder into the elevated world of the international arts community. The postings also serve to show work which hung in galleries or venues to those who in the terrestial world are not able to attend or don’t want to:)

The four works on show were selected by the gallery owner and her asstant. The four works on this occassion are below. For those of you limited to the virtual word, i.e. not resident in Houston and surrounds, these works are for saled as are 126 of my other works at Saatchiart/malcolmdbmunro

have you copy

can you
Limited edition 1 of 15  digital  size 16 h x 22 w in.   $1300

under a forest sky4 copyUnder a Forest Sky
Limited edition 1 of 15  manipulated photograph 27.7 h x 18.8 w  $1650

Lest We Forget: Black Art Under Apartheid

A desription of each work is on the Saatchi Art web site




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