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Opening of Art on Show at Gallery in Houston, Texas

One is extremely fortuate in having a blog as outlet with which to voice frustrations and, more rationally, views held.

The reception held Thursday 19 October, 2017 was less than an overwhelming success. Only a few friends and those whom I have done and currenly do business with attending. There are two aspects for me to take into account as I review the poor attendance. One is that casual aquantances do not have an interest in art of any form, and lead busy, demanding lives. Alongside that is the fact that established well known galleries send out hundreds of notifications, advertize heavily, including online, and gain only a few at the opening of often major artists whose work they are showing. And, few of those attending the art opening, are art buyers. At a recent reception I attended for a well known artist who has had many exhibitions of his work, a handful of people attended despite the fact that three artists were showing their work. About half of the work of my artist friend, whose work on show was one of the three, had been sold prior to the opening, underscoring the value the gallery placed in his work and his recognition as an artist.

Despite the poor attendance at the reception for my opening, which I assure I am not disappointed at – one has to be realistic – preparation for both the art gallery showing of a selection of my work and for the reception, allowed me to, for the first time, be aware and evaluate, what is required by way of work, time spent, and cost of such a preparation, which any artist is faced with every time they show. The work, logistics and cost must be far greater for an international show taking place thousands of miles away from the artist’s home.

One builds in contingency of cost and time, but, still, the unexpected occurs; sofware which normally works flawlessly, proves itself to be glitchy, files of art work move unaccountably some some corner of the machine, works which previously had appeared to be show-ready, suddenly reveal flaws not previously apparant.

I suppose the biggest factor on this occasion was the performance, or non performance, of an internationally known shipping company which does printing as well as being famous for its abiltiy to overnight to all corners of the globe millions of items every day of the year. I quip now that they ship fast and print slow. For the future, since they do excellent work, I shall allow a time factor for the printing, double that figure, and double it again.

Finally I would observe that I am not well known within the arts circles of the city in which I reside. No, correct that, my existence as a practicing artist is quite unknown. How could it be anything else when I began my carreer as an artist in March of this year.

Malcom D B Munro
Saturday 21 October, 2017


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