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Preparing for the fair: 9-12 The Other Arts Fair Expo Centre Noble Street Brooklyn New York

This is the tough part. Getting all the preparations in order. There are a myriad of details to attend to. Completing all the requirements of TOAF. Indemnity insurance, drop power line, extra spotlight, making sure there are chairs and a table. Then at this end, printing,  packing and shipping the work to Brooklyn. Where to have the work delivered?

I am behind the curve because here in Houston many of us are still going through recovery from Harvey, the supposed 100 year storm, where the water that night fell on the house like whole football fields being poured on us. But we are better off than many here. Some lost their house, primary place of residence, because the inundation was so great, others had to leave their homes because the dwelling was damaged such that they cannot live in it.

Life, though, has returned pretty much to normal. The streets have been cleared of the sheet rock which was dumped on side walks, where there are sidewalks, Houston has few. Many streets don’t even have one either of the road. How you are supposed to walk in safety is a question nobody ever asks.

An engineer and an architect, we were not to be told you have to this and you have to do that, you must do this, and you must do that. Adjustors employed by FEMA, the government flood agency, in an effort to safeguard people, were making arbitrary if conservative assessments based on the water level in the house.

In time we have lived in our house, since 1999, we have never had water in the house, so the question of there being mold was something we held in disbelieve until measurements proved there was. An independent inspector we hired found humidity, which is to be expected but no mood. This lifted us from taking immediate action. Thursday was the first time we have had a contractor to the house for an estimate. I will not give the hair raising process we have then go through. Suffice to say that we received a letter from the mortgage company which holds the FEMA payment against submission of invoices from the contractor doing the work. The letter is punishment for being a flood victim and is quite illegible in its interminable requirements.

I should not be seen to be making a case for special pleading. The damage to the house and its repair is a straightforward matter but the disruption to the family is quite another matter. But many people here have it worse.

Ahead lies booking accomodation and airfares. Yes, I am going. At one point the prospect was remote.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 28 October, 2017



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