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Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

That was the first Arts Fair that was

I continue to not enjoy using this forum for art life comment and events. But …
as said on previous postings, for now …

Obviously, writing just a few hours after the closing of The Other Arts Fair second edition  in the Brooklyn Expo Centre I cannot speak in any thoughtful and considered way. I am still in New York as I write. On returing to Houston and resuming what might be called daily life, I will in the days and weeks ahead draw a few more perspectives than the one I have at present.

I don’t think this posting has any point to be lauding anyone. That can be done in separate channels. Nor do I think that speaking of fellow TOAF exhibiting artists has any point too. That, too, should be done through different means and different meadia.

Nor have I used this blog to really talk about my aims and outlook as an artists. So after all this long preamble. what is it that I want to day. Nothing, really, I think, but to note the closure and the moving on to whatever might come next.

I lay awake last night, as evidenced by the couple of music postings and tried to sort out what had been going on, But, I thought, this is stupid. Do the art, that is what you do.

And so, there is really nothing to say. The job of an artist is to produce work, not talk about producing art.

Malcolm D B Munro
Chiana Town, Manhattan, New York
Sunday 12 November, 2017 22.34



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