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Ethics and Moral Philosophy

On recently studying Ethics, as a philosophical line of inquiry, for a professional assignment, I was puzzled by the fact that some sources tended to equate the philosophical branch of Ethics with Moral Philosophy. Other sources saw Ethics as a branch of Moral Philosophy. While all sources agreed on what Ethics is as a branch of philosophical inquiry, few agreed on what the inquiry of Moral Philosophyconstitutes and comprises. The effect of this is that it is difficult to grasp what lines of inquiry are valid within Moral Philosophy. Of course, one could read a sufficient number of sources to be able determine for oneself what is necessary and appropriate to include in a study of Moral Philosphy.

A web search found this Ethics vs. Morals as good a thumbnail to the difference between the two as any, web or printed,  I have come across.

There is no need nor a desire to pursue philosophical discussions within the space of this blog. For me, such inquiries are a part of my metal daily life and I see no need to discuss such matters.

Still, a brief note on this does no harm if it prompt any visitor or follower of these posts to think about either or both, particularly Ethics.

Why be concerned in the first place? Because an abiding concern of this blog writer is the full acceptance of responsibilty by each of us for ourselves. And Ethics are a core part of that. Hence the title of the blog.

Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 20 November, 2017


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