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1951 Bentley Mark VI

swungstar1     1951 Bentley Mark VI                                                                         anonymous photographer

Malcolm D B Munro
Wednesday 17 January, 2018

Note: Copyright remains with the photographer


I was teasing a man I am doing some work with that, as an inducement to completing the task, I wanted him to do, I told him he was being offer a free Rolls Royce, to abbreviate what I said. He immediately told me, “I own a Bentley; actually I own two.” I asked him what year it is, “1951.” I told him I wanted to put it up on my blog.. He kindly agreed. I make no claim to it being a work of art. On the contrary, it is simply a photograph, which is not my work. I touched the photograph up a bit. Just a bit.

I grew up in a house which overlooked the national racing automobile team of the country I then lived in. I have always been passionate about old, fine, what are called classic cars. And here is one. Lovingly restored.

I said, “A lot of work.” “Someone’s got to do it,” came the reply. I guess it was that remark that triggered the desire to put this fine example of English craftsmanship up. Restoration can gobble up thousands of hours, never mind the cost.  The result is to add to our cultural heritage. I am proud I put it up,

Added 4.35am.
I always look at the countries that readers come from and I am pleased to say that I have a following in India just behind the United States. The first response to this post is from Machinery Magazine and I am pleased to see their visit. I like the magazine a lot. Never mind about the poetry I submitted which they didn’t think was suitable. Never mind, Americans to whom I have shown and read many of the poems to liked them, or said they did 🙂 Of course elitist American PoetryMagazines don’t dain to read it which is not the case with Machinery. Not to bang a drum too hard, I would love them to commission me to do a work for them. But they probably don’t like that either. Ah well. They could always have a look at the work. It wouldn’t hurt them, I don’t think. Nobody has swooned yet looking at the work to my knowledge 🙂


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