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Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

Further comments about the Blog

I value quality over quantity. I am modest and have high values and tastes which don’t suit everyone. I could cope with millions of visitors and I have not interest in that happening. I have a love of sharing with those who like tastes and enjoy what I put up. Should I have two visitors that is better than none.

The blog began in 2010 but took off in 2011 in response to postings on the Arab Spring. That petered out due to the slaughter and subjugation of activists by those in power in their native governments. Those activists in which ever country lacked the support of a larger section of the community who seemed and still seem indifferent to their fate. The exception to this is when wars take place in any of those countries they flee for their lives. The blog was lively in 2011. 4485 views occurred in that year. There was a large committed following with a meaning debate taking place in the comments section.

2012 through 2014 were dormant years. In 2015 I began putting up poetry. And music. A lot of music which continues to the present. My career as an Engineering finished up in February of that year. 2016 saw 8372 views with 6922 likes and 2017 9328 of the former and 3959 of the latter. Likes matter to me. I do not pander to the taste of others but it is gratifying to see visitors marking their enjoyment of the posts. The difference for the number of likes between the two years can be accounted by the fact that 2016 posts consisted mostly of music and 2017 a variety of posts, many of which had little interest to  others.

During the course of 2017, visitors came from a total of 93 countries. I hugely enjoy seeing people visiting from across the globe.

What prompted this post is seeing comments come in for the first time since 2011 when the blog was devoted to the politics of the Middle East.

What caught me by surprise is the widespread interest in high art music most of which in modern times is to say the least difficult. Surprise because I had no idea that there is a widespread taste for this kind of music.

I have pursued a wide variety of interests throughout my life to which I deeply committed. These group into the practical and the intellectual. Practical include music, dramatic art, literature, and, recently, as a professional fine artist. The other comprises transportation, except ships, but includes classic cars, railways and flight, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, ancient languages and civilizations, history and latterly law and economics, though the latter is still developing.

I have pursued the second set on my own with no dialogue with others. I am not a scholar. I am not an academic. My pursuit in these is avocational. Dialogue with the others mentioned is impossible. I do not have the depth of knowledge any of them have. By definition I am an ingenue.

Conversations on any of these with those around me is impossible. None have any interest in any of them. There is one notable exception. a friend whom I have known since 1987 and who works at the same intellectual level that I do. When I am involved in practical pursuits then the picture changes. I am among like minded people. Do I feel lonely in my intellectual pursuits. Not at all. I grew up with a mother who was like minded in my love the arts. and a father who’s wide ranging interests match mine. But he was a scholar since he devoted his life to those interests, the intellectual ones. He was however tone deaf when it came to music. Drama, though, he was passionate about.

I have reached a point in my life where I can actualize on much or many of these interests. I cannot pursue them all in any real depth but where I can I will.

The blog allows me to write without any self-consciousness on some of these preoccupations.

An update 18.55 CST: There are 230 followers.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 20 January, 2018


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