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Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

Updated: On Alex’s comments made to the Blog

Added Sunday 21 January, 2018. I don’t much welcome comments from visitors. That does not mean you are shut out from making them. But those asking questions I don’t have a taste for since, unless of a compelling nature, I won’t enter into discussion. The overwhelming nature of what I post does not call for comment other than that that is complimentary. Everyone likes a compliment but likes are more than adequate.

I have two comments made this morning. Rather than simply accept them into the comments section, I am going to post them here.

Alex commented:

Nice blog here! Additionally your site goes up very fast! What web host are you using? Can I have an affiliate link to your host? I wish my site loaded up as fast as yours. lol.

The affiliate link. I am not sure what is meant by that. There are two reasons for how fast they go up. One is that I write fast. I mean very fast. And secondly that I use very high speed WIFI. I will not work where there is a slow internet connection. Far too tedious. WordPress is an easy software to work with and has only been down once in the time I have had the blog. The one grievance I have is that posts don’t save. I fought with the WordPress People and they said, “We are not going back to the old way.” Why not? The decision has been made! This is typical of corporate dictatorial attitudes. Customers be damned, “you can go to hell. It is either my way or the highway.” Such an attitude is exactly, among many, many others, what Towards Better Democracy is about.

Again Alex, though he may be a different Alex.

You really make it seem so easy with your presentation. However, I find this matter to be really one thing which I feel I might never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking ahead to your subsequent posts. I will attempt to get the dangle of it!

The comment is a tough one to answer. I loo….ove the word “”dangle.”

That my blog has “dangle. I couldn’t be more proud. I think I will go round the neighbourhood shouting, “my blog has dangle.” Thank you Alex for this word.

Alex, you are to be admired in wanting to continue reading the posts. I can’t say that my writing is like physics. But in comparing the content of posts to physics might be a useful analogy. When you start physics the subject can be difficult to understand. The posts are not like physics and are by no means consistent and may vary wildly. For the most part I know what I want to write before I start typing. On other occasions I just ramble. I am lazy and slovenly. Horrible posts they are as too 🙂

I think the key, Alex, is for me to write better, with more concision and less vagueness. That precision will aid in communicating what it is that I am trying to say.

Notwithstanding all said above, while not reaching down to the lowest level, I shall infuture  bear in mind that not everyone is following what I am trying to say. That will have me pause to ask, ‘Malcolm, are you really saying what you want to say.”

A few further remarks are worth making. On vocabulary, on style and on level.

By vocabulary I mean there are words which have a precise and accurate meaning which exactly capture what I wish to say. If you have a vocabulary of just 4000 words, you are restricted to saying such things as, “The cat sat on the mat,” “the dog peeded on the carpet,” “Its like, like, yu’ like, like I like him. I don’t, like, love him, its, like, I mean, like, he’s OK. He’s, like, good looking, like …” Reading books for Dummies and Idiot Guides aid in the limitation of the acquisition of a decent vocabulary. Should you have a vocabulary of 40000 words, say, your expressive powers are greater. Beyond this number of words, an expansion of the mind occurs; you are able to grasp written and spoken material more readily, and your viewpoint of the world is enhanced. Hard stuff is hard to read but effort gains understanding. Limiting oneself to the easy leads us to lead a dull life. And who among you want to be boring.

On style. Oh dear, I wander all over the place. But, when writing well, I attempt to be straightforward, know what it is that I am trying to say, and ensure that the words I use are the right ones, and that sentences are clear and accurate, and, not least, are readable and not inelegant. This sentence had too many ands.

Level refers to the elevation of writing. I cannot abide, stand, casual, trite subjects and garbled, obscured writing. On the one side the subject is trivial.

“Hello, Mrs Premiss”
“Hello. Mrs Conclusion”
“Busy day”
“Busy? Jus’ spent four ‘ours burying the cat.”
“Four ‘ours?”
“Yeah, wouldn’t keep still, wriggling abate. But it wasn’t a well cat, and, seeing as we are going on our ‘olidays, me ‘usband said we should bury it just to be on the safe side.”
“Oh, Mrs Concept flushed her’s down the loo…”  (from Monty Python)

Another is writing which is nothing less than public masturbation. The writer, if that word is not to dignify rubbish, needs to go away, get a life, and grow up.

The highly elevated form of writing I could not possibly employ in a public platform not designed for specialists or English professors. I have no pretensions to be a Charles Lamb or Joseph Addison, the finest writers at this level of writing in the English language. If you know of, or have read either of these writers, you had better comment tout suit and make a comment. For I need to know. I don’t want to talk down to anyone but write level that most most intelligent people can freely and easily understand.

But the writing in all aspects will get better. I think. I will avoid use of the word “it,” for example. It is such a dreadful word, isn’t it. To trace six its in a single sentence, as did two days ago, is to laboriously track back through the sentence to discover what “it” referred to. In the case of this sentence “it” referred, in different parts of the sentence to three different things. “Things,” dreadful word as well. I could say that the use of six pronouns all the same, referred to three different nouns.

But I don’t think I would want to say that in this blog. After all, I want the blog to keep its dangle.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 20 January, 2018




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