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Trinadians in Notting Hill: Trinidad Carnivals in 1977

Trinadians in Notting Hill: Trinidad Carnivals in 1977

For some reason people from Trinidad and Tobago flocked to London in the fifties and sixties. Why I don’t know. What they did, though, was to introduce to Britain, London at least, colour and a vibrant culture quite in contrast to the natives still under the exhaustion of fighting, and winning, WWII. Britain was then a dull grey place where people walked with head hung low and noses scraping along the pavement. The contrast with the new immigrant islanders could not have been greater.

The film of course is not set in Notting Hill but the music is what those war weary Londoners would have heard. Although the music does not sound much on the sound track, I assure you, in the streets of London at the time, it was spectacular, even shocking.

The Notting Hill Festival survives to this day though what you see is far from what Londoners saw then. What is the same is the sheer exuberance and colour. Especially when you are stood on the pavement and these musicians and dancers and festival participants and a few feet away from you.

Malcolm D B Munro
Sunday 21 January, 2018




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