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The structure of scientific thinking

A Field of Inquiry

Fields of inquiry are defined not by specific theories about the phenomenon they study but by the kinds of questions they pose about them. Fields of inquiry can be with humanistic area of human interest or of a more scientific nature. which have mathematics as their basis.


Fields of inquiry thus differ from paradigms, which are defined by the specific theories and methodologies with which they seek to answer the questions that define a field of inquiry.


A theory seeks to define and briefly explain a phenomenon observed, or thought to exist, and uses a paradigm as its basis.

Scientific basis of study

Guided by the theory or theories at the heart of a field of inquiry, research will be conducted to find evidence by means of data to support, refine, contradict or redefine, the theory. Existing methodologies will be used in these researches as well as methods developed specifically to support the researches.

Discoveries frequently occur which were not previously suspected which may support the existing theory, or call for a new theory and may themselves lead to new fields of inquiry or the subdivision of the existing one.

The application of scientific findings

Some science is pursued for its own sake; the extension of human knowledge, referred to as pure research. Other fields of inquiry, applied research, seek to find data and methods which have application in real life.

The infinitude of scientific inquiry

There appears to be no limit to the extent of scientific inquiry. The more we find out, the more we find that there is much more we don’t know, some of which will always elude our ability, for a variety of reasons, to gain knowledge of them.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 7 April, 2018

Some of the content of this post is based upon the Gazetteer entry, “Evolutionary Psychology” in Evolution: the First Four Billion Years, Michael Buse and Joseph Travis, editors, published by Harvard University, 2009; 979 pp.


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A proposal: the establishment of Fine Art Gallery in Houston, Texas, USA specializing in the showing and selling International Contemporary Fine Art

The gallery: malcolmdbmunrofineart Gallery, International Contemporary Fine Art

  1. The proposal: At the planning stage is a Fine Art Gallery in Houston, Texas, USA which will specialize in the exhibiting and selling of International Contemporary Fine Art. There are no such galleries in Houston and appear to be none withn the State of Texas.
  2.  Objective: Establish a gallery specializing solely in International Contemporary Fine Art.
  3. Why now? There are two principal reasons, and one personal: a) A gallery which is acutely in touch with changing buyers’ and curators’ tastes and market trends and which is dynamic offers market opportunities to artists and investors over the more slow boat to China approach of traditional galleries, b) A gallery which takes advantage of all the internet and post internet opportunities, and in the attendance of international fairs, increases its chances of making money and of supporting those with a vested interest its success. The personal interest is in the opportunity the ownership of a gallery extends the reputation and market reach of the proposer as an active, practicing professional artist. Differentiation and exposure to the market place are key to the success of an artist who seeks to thrive as an artist and to further his creative powers. The kudos on offer are significant and will permeate to all that the proposer is involved in.
  4. Resources: Known mid level established artists with a track record of selling their works, most known to the proposer or referred by those who are.
  5. Nature of proposal: The gallery is a strictly for profit commercial venture whose purpose is the make money through the exhibition and selling of fine art of a high standard, i.e., world class. In addition to providing sales to the artists shown, the gallery will expose those artists to the American market. US artists will gain exposure to the South West of the United States. The operation of the gallery would be under a company registered within the State of Texas and dba malcomdbmunrofineart Gallery: International Contemporary Art. A domain in this name has already been established though a website has not as yet.
  6. Immediate goals: Find a premise at low cost where the gallery can be launched. This will be done at modest cost with operating costs kept to a minimum. Beyond this, and in parallel to it, finding, purchasing land and building a purpose build building or heavily reconstructing an existing premise on the plot. A suitable venue has already been located in Houston’s Museum District.
  7. Commercial Basis: There is a growing market world wide for affordable contemporary fine art works. The gallery programme will be one comprised of established artists secured well in advance so that the arts press are able to include it in their announcements of forthcoming art events. Shows will run from between two weeks and one month. Should space permit, several exhibitions will be run overlapping each other. The nature of the work shown in each of the exhibitions will vary so as to provide a variety of kinds of media and styles and widen the appeal of the gallery. Works will be chosen on their artistic merit and and which are created by established artists who have a track record of selling. Contemporary fine art will be interpreted broadly in that the arts produced and shown are by living, currently creating artists whether these works are nominally traditional or modern. In addition, as part of the programme will be events which appeal to nominally, at least at present, non art buyers. In particular, young people will be the target of such events so as to build in such young people a knowledge and awareness of fine art and its appeal, as as future art buyers. Should the progamme load permit, evenings will be help which have a more philanthropic basis, such as supporting good causes and as a means of giving back to the city in which the gallery is located.
  8. Supporting documentation: As part of launch documentation, containing a full business case, will be a brochure illustrating the work of US and International artists known to the proposer and who are potential exhibitors.
  9. Gallery Supporters: A body of patrons will be developed such as curators and luminaries who seek to support the creation and ownership of fine art work. Their presence among patrons is offered more as a philanthropic gesture than any other. Their association with a successful art gallery will further establish their credentials as good citizens in the city in which they reside.
  10. Source of Potential Showing Artists: Through attendance and showing his art at TOAF Brooklyn, 9-12 November, 2017, and TOAF London, 22-25 March, 2018, has led to the building of a network of established artists who work in the contemporary arts area. They have a track record of selling. These artists are located in the US, the UK and throughout Europe. International open calls will be made to further expand the roster of artists shown.
  11. Market: The gallery will operate on a non compete basis within the city of Houston. There is an expanding market for contemporary art world-wide. Furthermore, there are opportunities to the gallery to show at fairs run in various parts of the world. This exposes the gallery and the works it shows to buyers, curators, corporate art brokers and art dealers. In addition, there are online fine art sites to which access is provided to terrestrial galleries.
  12. Strategy: Openings will be targeted at socialites as opposed to the general public so that opening nights are social affairs where the objective is to provide a venue where the up and coming have to go to see and been seen. There is an ever increasing medical presence in Houston comprising medical personnel keen to purchase art, and there are the wealthy families who presently do not have, at hand, a means of purchasing contemporary fine art. There are many corporations which purchase contemporary art as a means of projecting a contemporary image. Such corporations buy outright and commission. There are numerous other opportunities throughout the US to be drawn upon, for example, cities which commissioning and placement of public art works. This includes Houston, which aims to become the leading owner and showing of public works of art.
  13. Operation: The gallery will be initially run by a person recently graduated from one of the leading US universities which specialize in arts management and the curating of fine art. Such people seek an opportunity to launch their careers, and are looking for a position as an intern or similar. Such a person would be hired on the basis of stipend which would be sufficient to cover living costs with a token towards salary. The gallery owner will retain tight control of the overall direction and impact of the gallery.
  14. Openings: Exhibition openings will be targeted at socialites as opposed to the general public so that opening nights are social affairs where the objective is to provide a venue where the up and coming have to go to see and been seen. Such events will be attractive to press eager to showcase such people. This provides a means of free advertising.
  15. Communications: Adverting will comprise announcements of upcoming shows. There are four magazines in Texas that list such announcements for free. Press releases would be used to announce openings of new shows with some notable speaking at the opening not necessarily on art.
  16. Motive: What’s in it for the proposer? Creating a gallery allows him, as an artist, to greatly extend his presence in the city in which he is presently domiciles, within the greater United States and in the international art scene. For example, an international art fair in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last year urged the proposer to attend and show at the 2017 fair, but attendance is only possible as a gallery owner. Owning a gallery would allow participation in the London Arts Fair and its counterpart in Cologne, and other cities. Ths razzmatazz of the overly famous art venues such as Art Basel will be avoided, at least initially.
  17. : As a means of establishing credibility, an offer will be made to those who are presently partners of The Munro Partnership to act as board members. A well known Houston lawyer will be retained for legal purposes and a firm of accountants, who have wide overseas experience, has been engaged. They will become active in the affairs of the company at the point where formal accounting is required.
  18. Capital: Launch investors are sought who are willing to put in discretionary seed capital. Such investors will not play a part in the formulation of gallery showing policy or exhibiting but will have commercial oversight. Through his running of a startup company, the proposer has access to a wide range of potential investors and has the knowledge thus gained on the pitfalls and difficulties a startup faces both at launch and during the initial after-launch period.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 7 April, 2018


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Text for A Frieze – Our Peak – Look Back

text for frieze
Text for A Frieze – Our Peak – Look Back                                          Malcolm D B Munro, 2018
Copyright the artist

The poem for this work, The Power of People was published on the blog a few days ago. I like to combine my poetry with my art work occasionally. Where the poem sits vertically on the page there is the freedom to arrange the poem across the panels of the art. The composition for this is clearly seen in the text version and has a logic all its own.

Saatchi Art ask that you, the artist describe the work, that’s OK, and describe its genesis. This bit I don’t like since the way I work is conceptual. In other words, I work subconsciously and I have no idea how I came to conceive the work. The realization is straightforward. But what inspired the work? I have absolutely no idea in most cases. So it is with this work. Having decided to put the poem into an art work, the idea of using a Greek frieze came to me. I wanted one that was most damaged so that the beauty and form of the original is obscured by the destruction either deliberately or simply by the exigencies of time. The width of the work is dictated by the length of the poem. A three panel construction occurs naturally because of printing restrictions and shipping constraints. The title. I found myself giving the work a three part title and then realized that that is what it is. There was no cerebral component to this. Certainly the poem does not have a three part development. However it works, doesn’t it?

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 7 April, 2018

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Music for Electric Sheep, an update

OK, here goes.

Those who follow this blog closely will know that I began composing Music for Electric Sheep in June of last year. The music is in a mode I have never hear. I call it Post- Minimalism. No doubt the market place will give its own name; that’s alright.

As a working professional artist, the visual work comes first. But I have a Williams Coffin – so called because it is heavy. I shall have to use an axe break it up when time comes to dispose of it – in my bedroom. This means I can play and compose at any time. Put the earphones so’s not to disturb anyone in the house, though most of the music is soft. Probably more classically oriented than popular. But reviewers will judge that.

The piece is book-ended with a series of dissonant chords which begin ffff and are held for 20 beats and repeat until p is reached right down to inaudibility.

There is a motif which is central to the work which occurs frequently with variations. It is a bugger of thing in that the theme catches the ear and won’t let go. It was hard to get past the theme. I have developed many of what I call motifs with which to build the structure of the work.

I had wanted to buy a Casio Privia PX 135 but am restricted by budget. The art work is greedy and comes first.

Finally I picked up a P 300 from the local branch of a national chain of music stores. The people who work there are fun and are musicians or involved in music one way or another. At first touch the P 300 does not seem fabulous but we’ll see when I set it up. I will run it into my Mac in the study and begin recording the motifs and foundation pieces for the work. It probably will be a good thing to put the motifs up on YouTube. This will expose the music to an audience and gain some kind of following when the full piece goes up.

In a sense I shall be glad when I get the work finished because I can’t play anything else until I have got it out of the way.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 7 April, 2018

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Tycho – Dive

Tycho – Dive

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 7 April, 2018

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This Will Destroy You – Young Mountain

This Will Destroy You – Young Mountain

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 7 April, 2018

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