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Music for Electric Sheep, an update

OK, here goes.

Those who follow this blog closely will know that I began composing Music for Electric Sheep in June of last year. The music is in a mode I have never hear. I call it Post- Minimalism. No doubt the market place will give its own name; that’s alright.

As a working professional artist, the visual work comes first. But I have a Williams Coffin – so called because it is heavy. I shall have to use an axe break it up when time comes to dispose of it – in my bedroom. This means I can play and compose at any time. Put the earphones so’s not to disturb anyone in the house, though most of the music is soft. Probably more classically oriented than popular. But reviewers will judge that.

The piece is book-ended with a series of dissonant chords which begin ffff and are held for 20 beats and repeat until p is reached right down to inaudibility.

There is a motif which is central to the work which occurs frequently with variations. It is a bugger of thing in that the theme catches the ear and won’t let go. It was hard to get past the theme. I have developed many of what I call motifs with which to build the structure of the work.

I had wanted to buy a Casio Privia PX 135 but am restricted by budget. The art work is greedy and comes first.

Finally I picked up a P 300 from the local branch of a national chain of music stores. The people who work there are fun and are musicians or involved in music one way or another. At first touch the P 300 does not seem fabulous but we’ll see when I set it up. I will run it into my Mac in the study and begin recording the motifs and foundation pieces for the work. It probably will be a good thing to put the motifs up on YouTube. This will expose the music to an audience and gain some kind of following when the full piece goes up.

In a sense I shall be glad when I get the work finished because I can’t play anything else until I have got it out of the way.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 7 April, 2018


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